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April 19: Zazenkai (Day of Zen)

Tulsa Zen Sangha invites you to come and sit with us  in silence for a day of Zazen (seated meditation), Kinhin (walking meditation), lunch provided by the Forest of Peace, a tea ceremony and chanting.

Tulsa Zen Sangha Zazenkai_11_16_13Time:  *9am – 3:30pm (Please arrive by 8:30am to register.) 

Cost:  $30, payable to Osage Forest of Peace

*Sunrise meditation starts at 6:30am followed by a light breakfast at 8am.

Registration:  Call Paula Day to register:  918/798-1297, or email her at  Beginners are welcome.



July 12-13: Tenzin Tsepal ~ Karma and the Mind

Tenzin Tsepal, a former Tulsa native joins us to lead a retreat on Karma and the Mind.

Karma, the law of cause and effect, is a universal principal.  In this course, we’ll identify the relationship between the mind and karma, understand the general characteristics of karma, and explore specific methods for shifting the balance to having more positive physical, mental and verbal actions leading to a more positive life.  The course includes teachings, discusions and meditation, and is suitable for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.  All are welcome!

Date: July 12-13

Time: Starts at 9am on Saturday and ends at 4pm on Sunday.

Cost: $100 for program

Deposit:  $15 non-refundable deposit required.  To use Paypal, click the link on the left or scroll to the bottom of the home page; mail a check; or call with your credit card.

Shared Cabin:  $50 per person/per night (includes Saturday noon meal and supper; Sunday breakfast and noon meal)

Single Cabin:  $65 per night (includes Saturday noon meal and supper; Sunday breakfast and noon meal)

Commuter:  $30/per day (includes Saturday and Sunday noon meals)

Registration:  Call 918/245-2734 or email

Ven. Tenzin Tsepal was first introduced to Buddhist meditation in high school in 1975. She trained in clinical and administrative healthcare in the U.S. while continuing her practice and study of Buddhism. A life-changing 3-month retreat in 1998 propelled her to live and study in Dharmsala, India for 2 years where she was ordained as a Buddhist nun by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2001. She has completed 11 years of the intensive Buddhist Studies Programme at Chenrezig Institute in Queensland, Australia where she currently serves as the Western Teacher.


April 29-May 4, 2014: Awakening the Creative Spirit

A five day experiential intensive workshop led by Betsey Beckman and Christine Valters Paintner.  We will be exploring tools for integrating the arts and imagination into spiritual direction and other healing ministries.

Our encounters with the holy are rooted in symbol and image and speak the language of dreams. Spiritual direction tends to these encounters and can be deeply enhanced by tools that invite listening to and engaging the inner symbolic life. The focus of this program is on developing the skills of working with the arts and imagination to deepen the work of spiritual direction.

Together we will explore how the healing power of such tools as guided imagery, body awareness, dream work, ritual, poetry, journal writing, visual art, movement, song, and storytelling enrich our own spiritual lives and our work in spiritual direction by giving us access to another language with which to encounter the divine presence within. Participants will develop comfort and skills in using these tools. The program consists of didactic input and time for discussion and reflection on how we see using the arts concretely in our work as spiritual directors.
Also appropriate for counselors, chaplains, teachers, pastors, and others in soul care ministries who want to integrate the arts into their work.

Absolutely no previous art experience necessary — only a willingness to awaken the creative spirit within!

*This educational event provides 33 hours of continuing education that can be applied to the educational hours required by the Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc.

To apply for a space in the program please go to Christine’s website at

Osage Is Now Offering Residencies

Join us for a month of contemplative living . . .

Osage Forest of Peace now provides an opportunity for people to come and live in harmony with the resident community for a month-long immersion experience. More and more people want to live in a contemplative manner in the world. Yet, they may need assistance in learning how to live this way. Here at Osage, we can provide you with that opportunity.

We host one-month residencies that consist of the following:

- Immersion into the resident community’s daily prayer and meditation schedule
- Daily work practice
- Regular spiritual direction (if desired)
- Opportunities to participate in contemplative retreats from the Christian or Buddhist tradition
- Opportunity to experience the beauty of the Forest and to hike our trails

Suggested donation: $900 a month (Partial work exchange possible)

Email us at  for an application form.

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