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November 7-8: Mini-Retreat with Singer/Songwriter & Yogini Cindy Novelo

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Friday – Saturday, Nov. 7-8, 2014

Friday evening concert

Saturday a.m. – Yoga Workshop: Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit

Saturday p.m. – East Meets West: A New Perspective on Jesus workshop

Friday, Nov 7
7-8:30pm  Sanctuary Concert w/Cindy Novelo:  Music for the Soul
Cost: $15
Saturday, Nov 8
7-7:45am Communal meditation/prayer – optional
7:45am Breakfast
10-12am Yoga Workshop: Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit
Nurture your body, mind and spirit as you enjoy the peaceful serenity of Osage Forest of Peace.  Study after study has revealed the many health benefits of the ancient practice of yoga.  However, the physical aspects of yoga are only one part of this sacred art which aspires to fully integrate body, mind and spirit in order to explore human connection with the divine.  In this workshop, we will practice some basic yoga postures as we also explore yoga philosophy.
Participants will be introduced to the different paths of yoga – some of which do not include the physical at all! – practice various breathing techniques, experience a guided meditation and briefly look at various ancient texts, including the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  As we do this we will learn about the eight limbs of classical yoga, an ancient system offering guidelines for enlightened living with the aspiration of union with the divine.
Come discover how the ancient practice of yoga can bring wholeness, depth and vitality to your everyday life, leading you to physical, emotional and spiritual awakening and well-being.  Yoga begins where you are, wherever that is.  All bodies and levels welcome!
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.
Workshop Cost: $35
12-12:30pm Communal meditation – optional
12:30pm Lunch
1:30-5:30pm East Meets West: A New Perspective on Jesus
Could there be a deeper and more mystical understanding to the teachings of one of the most prominent wisdom teachers of all time?
While facilitating a unique course on yoga philosophy she created for a small private university in rural Kansas, singer/songwriter and yoga instructor Cindy Novelo was faced with a challenge; many of her students were traditional Christians who felt conflicted about some of the spiritual ideas presented in the course.  This inspired Cindy to explore the common ground between yoga philosophy and Christianity so she might better guide her students.  This study led her to an exciting new mystical perspective on Jesus and his teachings, igniting and deepening her own spiritual journey – which she shares with participants in this fascinating workshop.
Through musical sharing and interactive exercises, Cindy guides workshop participants through an exciting exploration of yoga philosophy, the original Aramaic language spoken by Jesus, and historical events that have shaped traditional Christian theology.  Come break your perspective wide open as we learn how all these things bring a new and wondrous understanding to the wisdom teachings of Jesus.
Workshop Cost: $55
Retreat Options:
Concert and yoga workshop:  $45
Concert and East Meets West:  $65
Yoga workshop and East Meets West:  $85
Attend all three events:  $95
Overnight Cabins (with meals):
Single Cabin:  $50 per night
Double Cabin:  $45 /pp per night or $90
Registration:  Call 918/245-2734 or email

November 8: Morning in the Forest™

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  Morning in the Forest

“Where the  Whisper of God and the Desire of our Heart Meet!”

And suddenly you know:

It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

~Meister Eckhart

 Oct 2014


Come!  Experience the sweet aroma of Christian Contemplative Prayer with our friend Barbara Schneeberg – a Center for Action and Contemplation Living School student; spiritual companion; Contemplative Outreach Int’l commissioned presenter; Phillips Theological Seminary graduate and Benedictine Oblate.


Date/Time: Saturday, November 8, 8:30am  – 11:30am

Cost:  $20  with an additional $10 for lunch

Registration: Call 918/245-2734 or email

Wish List

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FOP Staff “Wish List”

These are things we need.  A donation of all or part of the cost listed is most appreciated.  Where brand, size, and other details are indicated, this is what we actually can use, substitutions can cause some problems. Check with us first before dropping anything off.  Thank you for your generosity.

  1. 32 Chairs for Bede, stackable.  $26.15 each +250 shipping = $1086.80–Thank you Jim Mazzei!
  2. Windows.  Replace cloudy, double pane windows.  8 needed, bid: $900.
  3. 2 new refrigerators.  Kenmore Elite 78042 bottom-freezer refrigerator 24 cu in. White, ($1200-1700 ea)
  4. 2 new Stoves.   Kenmore 5.6 cu. ft. Gas Range 5 burners, w/ Convection Oven – Stainless Steel  ($1100-1400 ea)
  5. Dishes.  Add to current set to handle large groups: Corelle–$200–Thank you Reverie!
  6. Easel for presentations.   Best-Rite Oak Presentation Easel – Natural – 69 1/2″H x 30″W x 31 1/2″D (Best-Rite BES-745)   ($120 – 150)
  7. 3 new CD/tape players.    Jensen CD-540 Portable Stereo Compact Disc Cassette Recorder with AM/FM Radio  (Walmart $34 ea)
  8. Headphones   JVC HARX300 High-Quality Full-Size Headphone  (Walmart $16 ea)–Thank you Jon Hart!
  9. LCD projector.       Epson EX6220 WXGA 3LCD Projector, 3000 lumen color, 3000 lumen white (V11H550220)   (Amazon $500-600)

Your donations are tax deductible.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Annual Appeal

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January 2014

Dear Friend of the Forest of Peace,

Happy New Year! May the Light of your life shine brightly within you as we begin the new year. We extend deep thanks to you for being an ongoing part of our community.

Much success is being experienced at the Forest, thanks in large part to your contributions and participation. In the last year we have doubled our occupancy, with many groups now booking their retreats a year in advance to ensure a spot on our calendar and many first time visitors spreading the word beyond the borders of Oklahoma. Visitors’ comments tell the story of healing and renewal from time spent in the Forest:

“FOP made a unique and lasting impression on me. The inherent peace remains with me and is making me a better teacher.”
“My years of grief have finally abated after my time spent in silence in the Forest.”
“I was contemplating suicide and the spiritual help I received at the Forest kept me alive.”
“Being in the presence of people from such differing backgrounds and sharing prayer with them broadens my outlook and deepens my faith.”
“The FOP is a place of respite!”

We ask you to accept this opportunity to access the depth and quality of your own generosity. Your contribution helps us sustain the work of peace building, healing and renewal that takes place in this beautiful Forest of Peace.

Approximately five years ago the Forest of Peace was purchased from the Benedictine monastic community. The small monastic community that lived at the Forest never earned enough income to cover expenses; however, their larger community made up the monetary difference. We do not have that advantage any longer. Now it is just us – the family members of our shared spiritual home, who must take our beloved retreat center into the future.

Your Forest of Peace Board of Directors is working hard to seek funding for capital improvements and repairs such as roof work, tree removal, and new windows and appliances. The money brought in by retreats and guests brought in approximately one third of this year’s operating budget of $150,000. Beyond monetary contributions, people have generously stepped forward to help with projects such as the recent donation and construction of a beautiful labyrinth, and the funding and scheduling of first-time group retreats. A bequest and some large donors have sustained us these last few years, but in order to continue the Forest’s unique service to the world, our donor base and donation amounts must expand.

Our staff is doing a magnificent job with hospitality and service to our guests. The staff works hard to keep us sustainable, such as saving $2000.00 on utility bills over last year by such actions as plugging air leaks around doors, fixing windows, and being diligent at keeping lights out and heat turned down in cabins. Sounds a bit like managing a home does it not?!

The Greek word “oikos” refers to a dwelling place or a home. Oikos is also the root word for economics (daily housekeeping and viability) and ecology (the science and logic of operating a house). The Forest of Peace is a spiritual home for us all. You are a member of this household and we count on your generosity to help sustain this beautiful spiritual home.

As much as we are enjoying success and will continue to grow, retreat centers always need additional support from donors like you. Philanthropy is an act of love for humanity. Wealth represents potential units of love! God honors us with the task of determining how to express our love, and then we receive the tremendous joy that is in the gift of freely giving.

Your donation to the Forest of Peace is an investment in building a more hopeful, just and compassionate world. Your donation is energy that fuels our story of transforming lives, deepening relationships, building a broad sense of oneness, and developing a richly spiritual life for many others.

Will you join us in continued financial support of our shared vision?
The gifts of many, pooled together, can accomplish what each of us alone could never do.

Any amount is appreciated. Together we have great abundance!
May peace be upon you,

JoAnn Huber, Board President

PS You can use PayPal to make a one-time donation or monthly pledge here

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