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June 6-7 & July 25-26: Spirituality of Aging

This very informative workshop of transforming conditioned attitudes of our life into opportunities for spiritual development will again be offered at Osage Forest of Peace. This time the material will be presented on two weekends, with half of the material covered in Part 1 and the other in Part 2.

Aging helps us realize that we are more than our body. It helps us realize who we really are. We will explore how the paradoxes of aging become our pathways to a vital spirituality.

Topics to be covered in Part 1 are: Love, Connectedness, Acceptance of Self, Forgiveness, Living in the NOW moment.

Part 2 topics are: Letting go of Anger, Giving of Self, Celebrating Faith, Discovering Deep Meaning in Life, Making Feelings Work for You, Achieving balance in Life.

Part 2 may be attended without having attended Part 1.

When:   June 6 and 7, 2014 (Part 1) July 25 and 26, 2014 (Part 2)

Time:    Friday evening 7:00 – 8:30 pm

               Saturday: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Where: Bede’s Conference Room

Cost:     $65 for program

               $50 for overnight cabin– includes Saturday breakfast and noon meal

               $25 for commuter – includes Saturday noon meal

Deposit:  $15 non-refundable deposit required.  To use Paypal, click the link to the left or scroll to the bottom of the home page; mail a check; or call with your credit card.

Registration:  Call 918-245-2734 or email us at

Presenter: Sr. Maryann Greenwald, SSND is a trained chaplain, spiritual and retreat director with experience in Independent, Assisted Living, Skilled Care, and Hospital facilities. Her experience also includes establishing and working with a Commission for the Elderly.

For directions to the Forest, click here.

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Annual Appeal

January 2014

Dear Friend of the Forest of Peace,

Happy New Year! May the Light of your life shine brightly within you as we begin the new year. We extend deep thanks to you for being an ongoing part of our community.

Much success is being experienced at the Forest, thanks in large part to your contributions and participation. In the last year we have doubled our occupancy, with many groups now booking their retreats a year in advance to ensure a spot on our calendar and many first time visitors spreading the word beyond the borders of Oklahoma. Visitors’ comments tell the story of healing and renewal from time spent in the Forest:

“FOP made a unique and lasting impression on me. The inherent peace remains with me and is making me a better teacher.”
“My years of grief have finally abated after my time spent in silence in the Forest.”
“I was contemplating suicide and the spiritual help I received at the Forest kept me alive.”
“Being in the presence of people from such differing backgrounds and sharing prayer with them broadens my outlook and deepens my faith.”
“The FOP is a place of respite!”

We ask you to accept this opportunity to access the depth and quality of your own generosity. Your contribution helps us sustain the work of peace building, healing and renewal that takes place in this beautiful Forest of Peace.

Approximately five years ago the Forest of Peace was purchased from the Benedictine monastic community. The small monastic community that lived at the Forest never earned enough income to cover expenses; however, their larger community made up the monetary difference. We do not have that advantage any longer. Now it is just us – the family members of our shared spiritual home, who must take our beloved retreat center into the future.

Your Forest of Peace Board of Directors is working hard to seek funding for capital improvements and repairs such as roof work, tree removal, and new windows and appliances. The money brought in by retreats and guests brought in approximately one third of this year’s operating budget of $150,000. Beyond monetary contributions, people have generously stepped forward to help with projects such as the recent donation and construction of a beautiful labyrinth, and the funding and scheduling of first-time group retreats. A bequest and some large donors have sustained us these last few years, but in order to continue the Forest’s unique service to the world, our donor base and donation amounts must expand.

Our staff is doing a magnificent job with hospitality and service to our guests. The staff works hard to keep us sustainable, such as saving $2000.00 on utility bills over last year by such actions as plugging air leaks around doors, fixing windows, and being diligent at keeping lights out and heat turned down in cabins. Sounds a bit like managing a home does it not?!

The Greek word “oikos” refers to a dwelling place or a home. Oikos is also the root word for economics (daily housekeeping and viability) and ecology (the science and logic of operating a house). The Forest of Peace is a spiritual home for us all. You are a member of this household and we count on your generosity to help sustain this beautiful spiritual home.

As much as we are enjoying success and will continue to grow, retreat centers always need additional support from donors like you. Philanthropy is an act of love for humanity. Wealth represents potential units of love! God honors us with the task of determining how to express our love, and then we receive the tremendous joy that is in the gift of freely giving.

Your donation to the Forest of Peace is an investment in building a more hopeful, just and compassionate world. Your donation is energy that fuels our story of transforming lives, deepening relationships, building a broad sense of oneness, and developing a richly spiritual life for many others.

Will you join us in continued financial support of our shared vision?
The gifts of many, pooled together, can accomplish what each of us alone could never do.

Any amount is appreciated. Together we have great abundance!
May peace be upon you,

JoAnn Huber, Board President

PS You can use PayPal to make a one-time donation or monthly pledge here

2014: Wishes for the New Year

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate the New Year 2014, we echo an aspiration shared by all people of good will throughout the world, conveyed in a short prayer found in the early Buddhist Scripture on Lovingkindness—“May all beings be happy!”

Three checkpoints come to the fore, as a measure of where we are in realizing this aspiration toward the happiness of all beings. Are we more prosperous and content? Are our lives safer and more secure? Are our lives more wholesome and sustainable?

We ask: can we regard ourselves “prosperous” when greater and greater numbers of our fellow human beings are consigned to live in destitution and poverty, and the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” continues to grow? Can we be safe and secure when our human community is beleaguered by conflicts on so many levels, with violence threatening us from all sides, with distrust growing among fellow members of our human family, with walls of separation dividing us on many levels? Can our lives be truly wholesome when our entire Earth community is faced with ongoing ecological devastation that eats into the fabric of our daily lives? With the above in mind, I offer some “New Year’s Resolutions” for our life and practice, for those so disposed.

  1. I resolve to live in a way that would diminish, and not contribute to the poverty of multitudes of my fellow human beings, by sharing the wealth I am already blessed with, and by learning to be content in consuming less.
  2. I resolve to live in a way that would diminish, and not aggravate the conflict among my fellow human beings, by tearing down the walls of separation that exist between myself and others, and by dedicating myself to tearing down the different kinds of walls that divide my fellow human beings from one another.
  3. I resolve to walk more gently upon the Earth, mindful of the well-being of all, in whatever I think, say or do, as I commit to further deepening my own ecological awareness and co-responsibility for the well-being of all in our Earth community.


May we all walk the path to true well-being for everyone on Earth. May we live in love and peace and harmony with one another and with all the Earth. May our lives be rich and wholesome, blessed by the gifts of Earth and by the gifts we give to one another through our lives and very being.

Deep bows, with palms joined, and with gratitude to all,

Ruben L.F. Habito, Guiding Teacher

Maria Kannon Zen Center
Dallas, Texas

Yoga as Spiritual Practice Returns to the Forest: April 4 thru May 9

Before yoga became popular as a form of exercise, it was considered a spiritual practice.  Today people adopt yoga for its many health benefits while its spiritual connection is losing its importance.  Please join Sapna Raje for this 6-week series of yoga classes appropriate for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Sapne Raje grew up in India watching her parents practice yoga.  She was formally introduced to yoga at the age of 15 when she attended her first yoga workshop.  Sapna’s classes have a meditative quality with a focus on introspection and observation.

She is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, has a M.S. in Health and Human Performance from Oklahoma State University (OSU) and has facilitated yoga classes at various places including Stillwater Medical Center and OSU’s Colvin Center.

Dates/Time:  Fridays, April 4 – May 9, 9:30 – 10:30amblack warrior in the forest


$8 per class (drop-in)

6 Fridays package:  $42

Registration:  Please call 918/245-2734 or email: to register.  If you sign up for the package, payment is due at the first class.


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