The following is a list of services offered at the Osage Forest of Peace:

Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual Direction is available to all those who come to the Forest of Peace. A spiritual director meets you in that still place within and helps discern the movement of the Spirit in your life. By listening to your spiritual journey, the director provides insight and support as you seek to foster awareness of the Sacred in all things. You can talk about any aspect of your life, but the focus is on how Spirit is guiding you.

Sometimes a spiritual director may suggest a method of prayer or meditation that might be helpful or recommend a practice that might enhance your spiritual life. They also may suggest a reading – a book or an article that may be helpful. In general, a spiritual director feeds back to you what they hear as you talk about your life and God’s movement of grace within it.

Rate: $30 a session for guests staying at the Forest; day guest rate is $40-$60 (sliding scale).

Directed Retreats:

During a directed retreat, a retreatant meets daily, or at least every few days, with a spiritual director. Through active listening, the spiritual director helps retreatants hear how the Spirit is moving in their life. The director offers suggestions for prayer, meditation, reflection and creative expression. Directed retreats are ordinarily silent times.

Single Occupancy Rate: $70 a day for room and board + $30 per spiritual direction session

Private Retreats:

During a private retreat, retreatants structure their own prayer/meditation time and select for themselves how best to be present to the Sacred. Retreatants often take time to be alone and read, journal, sit in silence or walk in the woods. Individuals on private retreat are free to join the community in their daily contemplative practice or to spend their time in solitude.

Single Occupancy Rate: $70 a day for room and board.

Double Occupancy Rate:  $55 per person

Small Group Retreats:

The Forest of Peace is available for small groups seeking a quiet setting for their events. We provide a beautiful backdrop, comfortable meeting space and meals. We are a perfect place for groups who want to have a workshop, hold a prayer/meditation retreat or simply spend time together in the peace and tranquility of the Forest.

Group Rates Vary: Group rates vary depending on whether your retreat is hosted (the retreat leader signs up participants and collects registration fees) or sponsored (the Forest participates in marketing the event, registers the participants, and collects registration fees).  Please contact us for details.

Residential Immersion Program:

Our Residential Immersion Program offers one-month experiences in contemplative living within a community setting. The month begins with an introduction to contemplative practices from diverse traditions and culminates in a 3-day silent retreat. The daily schedule includes periods of sitting meditation and contemplative prayer, work practice as well as time for solitude and leisure. Temporary residents enter into the rhythm of daily contemplative practice while receiving support and guidance from the Forest’s resident spiritual directors.

Residential Immersion Program Rate: $1,100 a month (reduced from the normal rate of $2,100 in exchange for your commitment to work in the community during your stay).


Sabbaticals are offered for spiritual seekers, women/men religious, ministers and writers. Take a month or longer to nurture the unfolding of your soul with ample time for solitude, study, relaxation, spiritual guidance, seminars and daily contemplative practice. With our focus on meditation, mysticism and the contemplative life, the Osage Forest of Peace is a perfect place for deep spiritual renewal and growth.

Sabbatical Rate: Varies depending on length of stay and work conducted in the community.


Massage and Reiki are available for those who seek to foster the connection between mind, body and spirit. Tap into a greater sense of relaxation, wellness and wholeness by experiencing these gentle therapies.