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September 15-17, 2017: Tulsa Zen Sangha Retreat

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The Tulsa Zen Sangha is Happy to Announce Our Weekend Meditation Retreat

“Cultivating Equanimity and an Upright Response in the Midst of Turbulent Times”

Location: Osage Forest of Peace

We are welcoming back our dharma sister, Patti Mitchell, as our teacher.

Patti is a recently ordained Soto Zen priest in the Shunryu Suzuki Roshi lineage and completed her second three month ango at Tassajara mountain monestary in April. Her heart teacher is Christina Lehnherr, a former abbess of San Francisco Zen Center.  She originally took Boddhisatva vows in the Tibetan Dzog Chen tradition in 1977 and had practiced in the Vipassana tradition for a number of years before finding her seat in Zen.  Her marketplace practice as a priest is somatically based and she has trained as a yoga teacher, specializing in working with both cancer patients and those in recovery from addiction. She continues to be inspired by those beings who embody practice in a warm, open hearted way, honoring all beings and traditions as equal and unique.

This silent retreat will include meditation, teaching, periods of rest, guided relaxation, and yoga.  Private interviews with Patti about your practice will also be offered.

For a retreat schedule and registration, click here.



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