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Sep 2017

September 13, 2017: Spiritual Crafting (based on SoulCollage® as developed by Seena B. Frost)

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Join us for Spiritual Crafting, based upon SoulCollage® as developed by Seena B. Frost and presented in her book, SoulCollage® Evolving. We will meet from 3:45 to 8:00pm. No experience is necessary for this creative soul adventure!
In this expressive art form, participants use collage to create unique  soul-tending cards, each representing an energy of one’s ongoing life  story. This is a fun, engaging, and deeply illuminating process and full of personal reflections. This creative form of self-care doesn’t end, either!  You can continue to grow your deck over time as your life story  continues.

This time in the Forest will allow you an opportunity to meet others using SoulCollage cards as a way to go deeper within .  We will select images, create cards and see “what is up” for our exploration into our psyche.

Bring your journal, images, glue stick, your SoulCollage® deck (if you have one) and be ready to enter new ways of expressing yourself.

Absolutely no art experience is necessary. Anyone able to manage scissors and glue can create beautiful cards and enjoy sharing them with others!
For a fee of $20, you will have time and space to create your Spiritual Crafting cards, as well as supper and the chance to participate in a silent meditation in serene surroundings. Give yourself the gift of time to discover your wisdom and change your world with Spiritual Crafting in the Forest of Peace.
For more information on the process, and an introductory video by Seena Frost, the creator of SoulCollage®, visit
To register, please call the Forest of Peace at 918.245.2734 or send us an email to
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Sep 2017

September 15-17, 2017: Tulsa Zen Sangha Retreat

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The Tulsa Zen Sangha is Happy to Announce Our Weekend Meditation Retreat

“Cultivating Equanimity and an Upright Response in the Midst of Turbulent Times”

Location: Osage Forest of Peace

We are welcoming back our dharma sister, Patti Mitchell, as our teacher.

Patti is a recently ordained Soto Zen priest in the Shunryu Suzuki Roshi lineage and completed her second three month ango at Tassajara mountain monestary in April. Her heart teacher is Christina Lehnherr, a former abbess of San Francisco Zen Center.  She originally took Boddhisatva vows in the Tibetan Dzog Chen tradition in 1977 and had practiced in the Vipassana tradition for a number of years before finding her seat in Zen.  Her marketplace practice as a priest is somatically based and she has trained as a yoga teacher, specializing in working with both cancer patients and those in recovery from addiction. She continues to be inspired by those beings who embody practice in a warm, open hearted way, honoring all beings and traditions as equal and unique.

This silent retreat will include meditation, teaching, periods of rest, guided relaxation, and yoga.  Private interviews with Patti about your practice will also be offered.

For a retreat schedule and registration, click here.



Enlightened Buddha Side


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Sep 2017

September 23, 2017: Drumming Circle

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DrumCome and participate in a drumming circle at the Forest on Saturday, September 23 at 7:30 p.m. No experience is necessary. You may bring your own drum or shaker, or borrow one from us. The drumming circle will be led by Carl Swanson.

Cost: Suggested donation for participation is $10.

Registration: Call us at (918) 245-2734 or email

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Sep 2017

September 27: Eucharistic Mass

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Eucharistic Mass is offered monthly in our chapel. The next mass will be Wednesday, September 27, at 11:00am.


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Sep 2017

October 14-15, 2017: Deep Listening Retreat

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Listen Love Serve

Linda AlegriaThis retreat will help you stop rushing and just be… enter the territory of silence and discover your true self. A variety of practices will be offered to move you toward more clarity and meaning.

We will be listening for that “still, small voice” that our culture with its noise, distractions and speed often mitigate against. This weekend will provide a safe container for connecting to your deepest and truest self which is love. That love can lead to your finding meaning and purpose in your own life and ways to be of service to others.

We will be finding our own deep, divine wisdom and also listening to others to offer validation, caring, and respect. This kind of listening, which involves curiosity and “a beginners mind” can lead to greater understanding, compassion and connection. Our current political climate is causing many of us to struggle with how to dialogue with those we don’t agree with and we do not know how to cross that great chasm that seems to exist in so many human encounters today.

The intention for this retreat is to enter that sweet territory of silence and discover your true self that has always been present in you and always ready to open to mystery, deep abiding love, peace and joy. A variety of practices will be offered to move participants towards more clarity of purpose and meaning, connection to others, encouragement and sustained growth, transformation and present moment awareness.

Sessions will include journaling, poetry, music and dance, body movement and time alone for prayer and reflection. Weather permitting we will gather around a bonfire Saturday night to sing, talk, and stargaze. And perhaps s’mores will be on the menu.

Bio: Linda Alegria, LCSW, has provided counseling and retreats for over 40 years. She currently maintains a private psychotherapy and life coaching practice and offers training in Mindfulness Practices.

Dates: October 14-15, 2017. The retreat will start at 9:00 AM on Saturday and end at 3:00 PM on Sunday.

Cost:  Includes all retreat sessions, one night lodging, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast and brunch on Sunday.

Double Occupancy per person:  $255

Single Occupancy:  $270

Registration:  Contact Linda at (918) 633-9085 or

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Sep 2017

November 11-12, 2017: Harnessing the Power of the Enneagram

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Harnessing the Power of the Enneagram Retreat

Professional Leadership Coach and Enneagram Teacher Marilyn Woodard, ACC, will facilitate a two-day program focused on how to harness the power of the Enneagram as a catalyst for personal growth and as a map that can be a guide for connecting to our true spiritual nature.

Participants will leave this teaching with:

  • A better understanding of the Nine distinct aspects of our nature that can be found in all of us, regardless of our individual Type;
  • Tools for understanding and working with the specific patterns of our Type in order to facilitate more personal freedom and joy;
  • A more compassionate view and deeper insight into all the Types which can lead to more satisfying personal and professional relationships.


Bio:  Marilyn Woodard is a Riso-Hudson Certified and Authorized Enneagram Teacher; a certified Presence Based® Coach and an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation; a Certified Toltec Teacher (in the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz, author of the bestselling The Four Agreements); a Certified Energetic Transformation Practitioner (energy healing modality); and a student of the Diamond Approach spiritual path since 2006.

Dates: November 11-12, 2017. The retreat will start at 9:00 AM on Saturday and end at 4:00 PM on Sunday.

Cost:  Includes all retreat sessions, one night lodging, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast and brunch on Sunday.

Double Occupancy per person:  $265

Single Occupancy:  $275

Commuter:  $220 (includes retreat sessions on Saturday and Sunday and lunch (12:30 PM) on both days. Commuters must commit to attending both Saturday and Sunday. If you choose to stay for dinner, the cost is $10).

Registration:  Click here to register online and pay for the retreat.

Questions:  Call 918.245.2734 or email

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Sep 2017

November 17-19, 2017: Be Still and Know Retreat

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Move from living in fear, to living in peace & harmony

A Silent Retreat with Swami Sankarananda

ssg-1Deepen your experience of yoga through silence, meditation, chanting, yoga asana and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. Swami Sankarananda will guide us through the majority of the retreat, sharing wisdom to inspire transcendence from living in fear, to living in peace & harmony.

This silent retreat is open to all sincere truth seekers. All participants are expected to observe and respect silence within scheduled times and remain at the Forest during the full extent of the retreat (unless you are commuting to retreat sessions).

From Swami Sankarananda: “I am a simple pilgrim. I’ve walked across the USA for these past two and a half years and now travel from town to town in a tiny motorhome emblazoned with the telling words “Yoga for Peace”. I serve the divine in all and support our universal journey to find the happiness and peace for which we search.

I travel to offer kindness, to inspire, to demonstrate living in Peace, and to share the ancient and universal teachings of Yoga through talks, workshops and practices. The guidance is practical, it includes some philosophy, examples and stories and focuses on practices that you can implement to bring peace and joy into your life.”

Retreat Schedule
Friday, Day 1

4-5PM Arrival Check-In

6:00PM Dinner

7:00PM Opening Prayer, Introductions, Retreat Overview

7:30PM Satsang (silence begins)

Dharma Talk: Silence

10:00PM Lights Out

Saturday, Day 2

5:30AM Wake up bell

6:00AM Satsang

Dharma Talk: Fear to Peace

8:00AM Breakfast

8:30AM Yoga Class

11:30AM Seva-1 hour

12:30PM Lunch

Spiritual Counseling (by appointment only) 

Practice on your own (rest, meditate, journal…)

4:00PM Yoga Class

5:00PM Tea & Gita- Bhagavad Gita Workshop

6:00PM Dinner

7:00PM World Peace Chanting

7:30PM Satsang

Dharma Talk: Sadhana

10PM Lights Out

Sunday, Day 3

5:30AM Wake up bell

6AM Satsang

Dharma Talk: Practical Vedanta

8AM Breakfast

8:30AM Yoga/Pranayama Class

10:30AM Brunch

11:30AM Peace Walk

12:00PM Brunch – Observation of Silence Ends

If necessary, this time could be a possible closing point for your personal retreat. Please leave the Forest in a wholesome, centered way.

2:00PM Bhagavad Gita Workshop

3:00PM World Peace Chanting

3:30PM Closing Discussions & Prayers

Share your insights & experiences of the weekend!

5:00PM Program Ends

You may choose to stay for supper at 6:00 p.m. for an additional $10.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration covers only costs for meals, lodging, and Forest costs for sponsoring retreat. A love offering will be taken for Swami Sankarananda.

Dates:  November 17-19, 2017  The retreat will start with dinner at 6:00 PM on Friday and end at 5:00 PM on Sunday.

Cost:  Includes all retreat sessions, two nights lodging, dinner on Friday, three meals on Saturday, and breakfast and brunch on Sunday.

Double Occupancy per person:  $160

Single Occupancy:  $190

Commuter:  $85 (includes all meals from Friday supper to Sunday brunch, no lodging)

Registration:  Click here to register online and pay for the retreat.

Questions:  Call 918.245.2734 or email


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Sep 2017

Five-Month Series in 2018: We Walk the Path Together

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Learning from Thich Nhat Hanh and Meister Eckhart

A Five-Weekend Course with Father Brian Pierce

Brian PierceIn this five-weekend course, Dominican Friar Brian Pierce will acquaint you with the medieval Christian mystic Meister Eckhart and contemporary Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Enroll now in this course and learn about the common spiritual ground that exists between Christianity and Buddhism. Each weekend begins on Friday at 7:30 p.m. and concludes at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. You may attend the entire course, or select specific weekends to attend. You may also register as a commuter.

The dates are:

  • January 26-28
  • February 23-25
  • March 23-25
  • April 20-22
  • May 25-27

Registration:  Click here to register online and pay for the course.

Questions:  Call 918.245.2734 or email

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